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  Outdoor spray painting is the basic, more traditional technology reflects the irreplaceable characteristics and advantages of Technology: compared with other hand painting technology, a more subtle and realistic expression can reflect the very real way of the object image to achieve false and real picture effect. Compared with modern technology, such as computer and photography, objects are more natural and vivid.
  Problems caused by inkjet equipment: the equipment is generally divided into indoor unit and outdoor unit. Generally speaking, the printing width of the indoor printer is less than 2 meters. The pressure of interest and competition has led to the mixed quality of some brands' inkjet, and the width of outdoor machine printing is more than 2 meters. This is a more general classification. At present, there are two stages of quality differentiation in the market. It is mainly reflected in the instability of inkjet performance or the configuration of cutting angle, which will directly affect the printing quality of the equipment.
  Problems caused by printing consumables: identification ink and printing medium. Only when the ink-jet cloth and the ink-jet are matched can the high-quality ink-jet image be produced. Light box cloth, this is particularly obvious in the production of weak solvent ink-jet printing. The printing medium is divided into external lighting and internal lighting. We have inkjet cloth. Glue film, glue film, lamp film, photo paper, etc.
  Operation level causes problems: operation skill level. Or later barge processing, whether in early color printing. It can affect the final spraying effect. In order to better meet the needs of customers, it is necessary to carry out special technical post training for employees from time to time. Generally speaking, skilled staff can call out more rich colors in the limited color scale and pursue more accurate color values. This undoubtedly provides me with the most powerful technical support for inventing more colorful and creative outdoor advertisements. Therefore, I emphasize the importance of operator skill level and experience when it comes to print quality performance.
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