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  There are many colleges and universities in front of the entrance hall, and there will be a kind of perpetual calendar hanging frame to display the time. This hanging frame is called focus perpetual calendar light box, which is usually fixed on the wall with functional light box to display the advertising light box and its own practical functions.
  Why use the focus calendar light box? First of all, because social media can not cover all college students, so the publicity of college students can only be achieved through campus media. Secondly, the media audiences are college students, so they belong to campus media 100%. Compared with the mess environment of the canteen, the dormitory building is quieter, the interference degree of the light box advertisement is smaller, and the communication effect is more prominent. Using light box advertisement in Colleges and universities can also make your advertisement complete the media propaganda in Colleges and universities in a very short time, so that your advertisement can spread all over the country in a short time.
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