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  The indoor billboard is different from the outdoor billboard, which takes into account the relatively less external physical conditions and longer service life. For example, the maintenance of color is not eroded by the outside wind and rain, but the advertising effect of its propaganda is essentially different from that of advertisements outside the earth. Generally speaking, the internal billboard mainly displays the image to the users, mainly lies in the creativity and the company display culture, such as the company image wall.
  There are many kinds of indoor billboards, mainly including: brand propaganda shelf advertisement, brand propaganda equipment, indoor spray painting picture, display board, light box, billboard, blister character, copper character, stainless steel, titanium character, tin character, PVC, crystal character, lotus board, sculpture, self-adhesive printing, logo wall, led billboard and other forms.
  室内LED广告牌多采用进口3mm亚克力整体吸塑型。侧面由6-8cm厚的铁板包围。内部配备高亮度防水LED灯。LED灯的颜色是红色,绿色,蓝色,白色,黄色,红色玫瑰,但也可以是7个颜色,明亮、节能、稳定、寿命长、安全、环保、色彩鲜艳,易于安装,由超级明亮的水虎鱼,即时开始,直接电能转化为光能,节能高达90%。稳定性好,使用寿命长:性能稳定,无需维护。每组模块的电流和电压均为恒定值(七彩的电流为4个恒定值),保证了LED的稳定运行。温度范围广,可正常使用-30 ~ +50℃,LED寿命可达8 ~ 10万小时。安全环保:本产品为低压产品,每个模块的功率仅为零点几瓦,安装时必须使用专用低压电源,输入为低于安全电压的DC12V。LED不含有害物质,对人体无有害辐射。色彩丰富:LED是一种固体冷光源,光谱波长分布在460~635nm,可依次产生蓝、绿、黄、红、超亮白光的全色,并通过对每个点的色彩组合和控制。能达到很微妙的变化效果。安装方便:快捷方便,可任意形状排列,只需打开双面胶粘贴,胶水固定即可。
  Indoor LED billboards are mostly imported 3mm acrylic integral plastic absorption type. The side is surrounded by 6-8cm thick iron plate. The interior is equipped with high brightness waterproof LED lamp. The color of LED light is red, green, blue, white, yellow, red rose, but it can also be 7 colors, bright, energy-saving, stable, long life, safety, environmental protection, bright color, easy to install. From the super bright piranha, start immediately, convert direct electric energy into light energy, and save up to 90% energy. Good stability, long service life: stable performance, no maintenance. The current and voltage of each module are constant (the current of seven colors is four constant values), which ensures the stable operation of LED. The temperature range is wide, it can be used normally - 30 ~ + 50 ℃, and the life of LED can reach 80000 ~ 100000 hours. Safety and environmental protection: This product is a low-voltage product. The power of each module is only a few watts. During installation, a special low-voltage power supply must be used. The input is DC12V lower than the safe voltage. LED does not contain harmful substances and has no harmful radiation to human body. Rich colors: LED is a kind of solid cold light source with spectrum wavelength of 460 ~ 635nm. It can produce blue, green, yellow, red and ultra bright white light in turn, and control the color combination of each point. Can achieve very subtle change effect. Easy to install: fast and convenient, can be arranged in any shape, just open double-sided adhesive paste, glue fixed.
  The above is a brief introduction of Jinan billboard production company to indoor billboards. If you have any questions about the information of indoor billboards, please contact the company. Thank you very much.

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