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  The plate making process in Jinan is complex. What's the difference between it and other places? It's a question that many people will ask. In fact, there is no difference between jet painting and other areas. The real difference lies in the maturity of technology. So let's have a look at the technological operation in the process of jet painting in Jinan:
  First, we need to measure and check where we need to spray. Secondly, we need to spray the required spray pictures for our customers. Third, we need to make pictures fourth: the distribution and installation of spray net the above four points are the production process of Jinan spray painting.
  But for the spray, under normal circumstances, the customer will take the goods at the door by himself. If the printing company needs to distribute and install the goods, it will generate certain freight and installation. In specific cases, it needs to travel through the length and easy installation, as well as the installation hands.
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