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  What is the difficulty of making Jinan luminous character? Pour the resin containing curing agent, color paste and filler into the mold and wait for curing. Once the fiberglass is removed, nothing can be wrapped, so anything deeper is transparent. There are a lot of information on the Internet, such as resin formula, mold and so on. If you want to learn more about these things, you can dive for a month or two in various FRP forums. The formula of resin is different. There are technologies transferred from others. The tuition fees range from 12000 to 7000 or 8000, and the most expensive one is 28000. What's cheaper is to buy a CD, dozens of CDs, hundreds of CDs. If you are going to work in this field, you should think about it. It's hard to choose such a big difference. Others don't think resin letters are a new technology. But in reality, there are a lot of advertising companies do learn something. There are also some technical quality standards, not only their own losses, the whole market is not good. That's what I hate. If you mention the word "resin glow" to customers, they shake their heads.
  The production of luminescent characters is also self-taught. Through various ways, they are good at thinking and make their products more distinctive. This is the birth of some resin chemistry classes and the way to become monks. But anyway, if you want the resin to shine, you have to practice, practice, and practice again! Otherwise, it will be troublesome after a long time in the sun and rain! Let's talk about the mold of resin light-emitting characters. Unless you have to make heavy, strong letters, your model can only be peripheral. Otherwise, you have to make double layers! What materials are used in the mold will directly affect the effect of words, iron plates and aluminum plates. Otherwise, bubble, no ghost, that's difficult. But the mold is on both sides of the stroke, one is a little outward along the stroke, and the other is a little inward along the stroke. Both boxes should be bent with iron or aluminum. Without decent tools, it's hard to fold along the lines. The era of pliers is over. Compared with the resin formula, the mold making is not easy. OK, the mold is ready, poured and then solidified.
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