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  First of all, the light source is the main reason for the influence of the luminous words, no one. A light-emitting diode based on the combination of gallium (GA), arsenic (as) and phosphorus (P), which can be used to produce light-emitting diodes when electrons and holes combine to emit visible light. The light-emitting words have LEDs. Excellent transparency, excellent weather resistance, good processing performance, excellent comprehensive performance, non-toxic and many other advantages. This is the basic definition.
  The price of the leader is also chaotic in the market, from 0.2 yuan / unit to 0.7 yuan / unit, for example, the price of the worst module and the best module is 50 yuan, if the density of the stick lamp is higher, it will be more. The module can only be said to be brighter and more durable.
  Secondly, the company has made luminous words for many years, and summed up 7 reasons for the insufficient brightness of the luminous words
  1. 吸光:字体内部的LED及电器设备对光的影响主要取决于内部模块的排列是否达到密度值。
  1. Light absorption: the influence of LED and electrical equipment inside the font on the light mainly depends on whether the arrangement of internal modules reaches the density value.
  2. LED的数量,类型,光输出,颜色和波长,以及LED在灯箱中的位置。
  2. Number and type of LED, light output, color and wavelength, and the position of LED in the light box.
  3. The transparency of acrylic panel is better, the better the transparency of acrylic, the better the natural effect. ;
  Font size, the larger the size of the light-emitting words, its thickness will naturally increase, thus affecting the degree of light-emitting.
  5. 维护:随着使用寿命的增加和字体内部积尘的影响,光输出强度会减弱。
  5. Maintenance: with the increase of service life and the influence of dust accumulation inside the font, the light output intensity will decrease.
  6. 成本:成本制约也是更重要的因素,如led质量差和丙烯酸面板厚度。
  6. Cost: cost constraints are also the most important factors, such as poor led quality and acrylic panel thickness.
  7. 色调:在所有的色调中,白色是更亮的,红色是更弱的(如果红色单词有内置的高亮度白光,它将远不如内置的红光明亮和有效)。
  7. Hue: of all hues, white is the brightest and red is the weakest (if red words have built-in high brightness white light, it will be far less bright and effective than built-in red light).
  In short, if you want good quality and brightness, please respect its price. If you want a low price, you have to accept its quality. Every boss knows that every penny counts.
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