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Jinan light-emitting words are beautiful, fashionable, colorful and environmental friendly, and can play a propaganda effect to attract users, so they are very popular in the market. So, do you know how the manufacturer processes and makes it? Do you know the specific method? Next, Hongchen will introduce the specific content for you.
The production process is as follows:
1. Process
(1) Cleaning: select ultrasonic to clean PCB or LED bracket and dry.
(2) Pressure welding: use aluminum wire or gold wire welder to connect the circuit to the LED chip as the lead for current injection. The LED is directly installed on the printed circuit board, and aluminum wire welding machine is generally used.
(3) Installation: after preparing the silver glue at the bottom of the light-emitting tube core, place the unfolded tube core on the crystal stabbing table, use the crystal stabbing pen to install the tube core one by one on the corresponding pad of the printed circuit board or the light-emitting tube bracket under the microscope, and then sinter to make the silver glue solidify.
(4) Installation: after dispensing, use epoxy resin to maintain the LED chip and welding wire. Ji'nan luminous character manufacturers usually glue dispensing on printed circuit boards. After curing, the gel shape has strict requirements, which is directly related to the brightness of backlight products. This process will also take on the task of fluorescence point.
(5) Welding: if the backlight chooses the SMD LED or other packaged led, the LED needs to be welded to the printed circuit board before installation.
(6) Cutting film: use punch to die cut all kinds of dispersion film and reflection film needed for backlight.
(7) Installation: according to the requirements of the drawings, manually install various data of the backlight source in the correct direction.
(8) Test: check whether the photoelectric parameters and luminous uniformity of the backlight are good.
(9) Packaging: packaging and warehousing as required.
2. Packaging technology
(1) Packaging method of LED
Jinan light-emitting words can be packaged in many ways. The corresponding dimensions, heat dissipation measures and light-emitting effects should be selected according to different occasions. There are light-emitting lamps, top light-emitting lamps, side light-emitting lamps, chip light-emitting lamps, high-power light-emitting lamps, etc., which are generally classified according to the packaging mode.
(2) Luminous character encapsulation task
The external leads are connected to the LED chips to hold the LED chips together and improve the light extraction power. Key processes include installation, pressure welding and packaging.
The production process of Jinan luminous character factory is introduced here for you. In order to fully play the role of publicity, we must pay attention to the production methods, so as to play the role of characters. It is suggested that consumers can choose products from regular manufacturers for use.

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