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In the daily business of inkjet printing, there are often customers, especially new customers, who complain about the "color deviation" of inkjet products, and even scrap them because of their dissatisfaction with the colors. Most of the customers will blame the inkjet printing company for the responsibility. Objectively speaking: to a certain extent, "color deviation" is inevitable, and a considerable part of the reasons for excessive color difference are in the design stage. The quality of the designer and the experience of color matching often determine the quality of a picture color. If properly mastered, it can effectively reduce or avoid the loss caused by color deviation.
In ordinary graphic design work, the basis for customers to determine the color is often the computer screen, so the difference and depth of screen color is very important, color correction in Photoshop is very important, without this premise, color deviation will be inevitable. In addition, quite a number of designers are used to making documents in the "RGB" mode. No matter whether it is printing or inkjet printing, the color is ultimately realized by "CMYK". The color of "RGB" file is often more vivid, and some colors are quite different from "CMYK". Therefore, it is an important premise to cultivate the habit of making files in "CMYK" mode to reduce color deviation. Due to the millions of color types, it is difficult to distinguish the subtle color differences on the computer screen. Therefore, it is the "ultimate method" to control the color with the color value. The designer's grasp of the color value often determines the quality of the spray painting color. For example: bright red "M100, Y100", dark blue "C100, M80", lake blue "C100, the other three color values are 0", black "C70, M70, y70, K95" (such as single black k100, others are 0, often not black and have serious stripes), pure yellow "Y100, others are 0" (if mixed with "C" component, it will become light green). When filling large color blocks, double color filling should be selected as much as possible, and 3 or 4 color values should be less selected To avoid increasing the difficulty of color control.
Different inkjet machines, different widths and brands of lamp cloth, different batches of ink, and even different periods of time have different colors. The operation process of "blocking, inking, blocking and re inking" in the process of inkjet printing also determines the color difference within a certain range. The extremely low profit margin of inkjet printing results in that the spray printing companies generally allow the nozzle to "work over age" This absolute sense of color restoration is impossible to achieve, it is very necessary to explain these common sense to customers. For some high demand and large amount of pictures, it is still necessary to see small samples and then draw large pictures. Only in this way can we effectively reduce losses.

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