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The control design load of Jinan billboard structure is wind load. The wind pressure acts on the panel directly, and then transfers from the panel to the skeleton. At this time, several main beams with different elevations can transfer the wind load to the column more evenly, thus reducing the stress concentration at the joint between the main beam and the column.
Secondly, the truss structure with parallel main beam adopts channel steel, and the shape structure is flat, so that it can be attached to the connection between advertising board and reinforcing plate and the main frame, so as to reduce the deformation of the panel and ensure that the meaning of advertising affects the surface.

Third, parallel truss structure can be equipped with an internal maintenance ladder at the elevation of each main beam, maintenance brings great convenience, maintenance, hanging and unloading of advertising cloth, and ensure the personal safety of operators: in addition to the parallel truss structure, simple and beautiful form, clear pressure, simple node structure, convenient construction and ensure construction quality.
Jinan billboard
Jinan billboard structure layout adopts independent steel structure cylinder. Three transverse girders are welded at three different heights through gusset plates. The space truss system is formed between the main beam and the main beam. The main beam spacing mainly considers the layout of advertising panel frame grid, which makes the panel frame node consistent with the main frame node, and strengthens the connection between the panel and the main frame.
The frame of Jinan billboard is suspended and welded on the main structure to form the whole superstructure. The main beam is made of channel steel and other components are made of angle steel. The model is selected according to the strength and deformation of components. In addition to strength and stability, the selection of steel column section should also consider the overall size coordination and beauty of billboards.

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