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Inkjet printing is mostly used in the promotion of business products, of course, it can also be used in other aspects. In modern society, the development of inkjet painting is changing with the continuous development of commodity economy. The history of inkjet painting has never existed independently, but is closely linked with the social trend. This is also an attribute that can not be ignored, that is, the epochal nature of realistic inkjet painting.
On the one hand, the era of inkjet painting is reflected in the continuous progress of inkjet materials. In the past, inkjet printing used solvent-based ink with pungent smell, but now ink-jet production generally uses UV ink and water-soluble ink which are more environmentally friendly. The printing materials used in inkjet printing have become more diversified, including not only traditional ink-jet cloth and light box cloth, but also some films and light films. And now inkjet printing can have so many substrates, the main reason is that with the progress of the times, inkjet technology has made great progress compared with before, and new inkjet machines and inkjet technology have also emerged, bringing changes to the inkjet photo industry.
The content of inkjet painting has also changed substantially with the progress of the times. Inkjet images are mostly displayed in a flat way, so the above mainly uses images and text. The change of image mainly includes the change of image display technique and the enrichment of color. Color is not just the most basic seven colors, but from the basic color has a combination of many new colors. In terms of image display techniques, there are not only realistic photo display methods, but also cartoon display techniques, which are very flexible and changeable. As for the text, the current propaganda language is more in line with social reality, some even use network catchwords, in short, how popular how to come.
From the perspective of the era of the inkjet production industry, the process of changing the inkjet production is also the process of continuous upgrading of the industry. It is precisely because of the progress of the times that the inkjet production will glow with greater vitality and vigor.

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