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Jinan luminous character is a new type of lighting energy. Because of its "delicate" characteristics, the packaging environment of Jinan luminous word is very strict. The whole process needs to be ESD free, and the temperature should be controlled at 23 ± 2 ℃ and the humidity should be controlled at 50 ± 10%.
1、 Process:
a) 清洗:选用超声波清洗PCB或LED支架,并烘干。
a) Cleaning: select ultrasonic cleaning PCB or LED bracket, and dry.
b) 装架:在LED管芯(大圆片)底部电极备上银胶后进行扩张,将扩张后的管芯(大圆片)安置在刺晶台上,在显微镜下用刺晶笔将管芯一个一个安装在PCB或LED支架相应的焊盘上,随后进行烧结使银胶固化。
b) Mounting: after silver glue is prepared on the bottom electrode of LED die (large wafer), the expanded die (large wafer) is placed on the spinel stage. Under the microscope, the die is installed on the corresponding pad of PCB or LED bracket one by one with a stylus, and then sintered to solidify the silver glue.
c) Pressure welding: aluminum wire or gold wire welding machine is used to connect the electrode to the LED tube core for current injection. Led directly installed on the PCB, the general selection of aluminum wire welding machine. (manufacturing white top-led needs gold wire welder)
d) Packaging: after dispensing, the LED die and solder wire are maintained with epoxy resin. There are strict requirements for the colloid shape after curing when dispensing glue on PCB board, which is directly related to the brightness of backlight products. This process will also undertake the mission of phosphor (white LED).
e) Welding: if the backlight is smd-led or other packaged led, it is required to weld the led to the PCB before the installation process.
f) Cutting film: use punch die cutting back light source of various dispersion film, reflective film, etc.
g) Installation: according to the requirements of the drawings, manually install the backlight in the correct direction.
h) Test: check the photoelectric parameters and light uniformity of backlight.
1) Packaging: packing and warehousing the products according to the requirements.
2、 Packaging process
1. vip贵宾会发光字的封装的使命
1. The mission of Jinan luminous word packaging
It is to connect the external lead to the electrode of LED chip, maintain the LED chip together, and improve the power of light extraction. The key processes are mounting, welding and packaging.
2. LED封装方式
2. LED packaging mode
Jinan luminous word packaging can be said to be various, according to different use occasions to choose the corresponding size, heat dissipation measures and lighting effect. Jinan luminous words are classified into lamp LED, top led, side LED, SMD LED, high power LED, etc.

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