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The light-emitting angle of Jinan light-emitting words, that is, the angle of light scattering, is mainly controlled by adding scatterers in the production process of diodes. There are three types:
1. 高方向性
1. High directivity
一般为无散射剂的尖头环氧封装或金属反射腔封装。发光角度为5 ~20或更小,具有较高的指向性。它可以作为局部光源使用,也可以与光探测器结合形成自动检测系统。
It is usually a non scatterer epoxy package or metal reflective cavity package. The luminescence angle is 5 ~ 20 or less, which has high directivity. It can be used as a local light source or combined with photodetectors to form an automatic detection system.
2. 标准的类型
2. Types of standards
通常用作指示灯,其发光角度为20 ~45度。
It is usually used as indicator light, and its luminous angle is 20 ~ 45 degrees.
3. Scattering type
这是一个视角较大的指示灯。发光角度为45 90度或更大,散射剂的量也更大。
This is an indicator light with a larger viewing angle. When the luminous angle is 4590 degrees or more, the amount of scatterer is larger.

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