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As a kind of light source, Jinan luminous character will inevitably have problems of light safety and light pollution during its operation
Optical safety classification
Generally, light safety can be divided into the following two categories: photobiosafety and disturbing light.
The primary research scale of this type of light safety includes the damage to human tissues caused by ultraviolet, infrared, blue and visible light radiation. The common photobiological damage mainly includes photochemical ultraviolet damage to human skin and eyes, blue light damage to human retina, infrared radiation damage to eyes and photothermal damage to skin and so on.
In all the sense organs of human body, the eye is the most important part, and its self-correction ability is relatively weak. Once exposed to external optical radiation, it will cause irreversible damage to the eyes. Even visible light may damage people's eyes. For example, blue light with shorter wavelength will cause damage to photoreceptor cells of retina. In severe cases, pigment epithelium function may be degraded High intensity radiation can cause thermal damage to the retina.

Disturbing light
Disturbing light can be divided into two types: direct and indirect. The former refers to the decrease of visual resolution directly formed by the illuminant with higher brightness in the visual field; the latter refers to the problem that the luminous body does not appear directly in the visual field, but the light projected onto the surface of the object enters the human eye after reflection.
经过对国内一些厂家进行调查后发现, vip贵宾会发光字的亮度在6 000~8 000 cd/m2,该数值并未到达光生物安全问题的亮度值,由此可知, vip贵宾会发光字并不会对人的视网膜形成包含蓝光损害在内的光生物损害。
After the investigation of some domestic manufacturers, it is found that the maximum brightness of Jinan luminous characters is between 6 000 and 8 000 CD / m2, which does not reach the minimum value of the problem of Photobiological Safety. Therefore, it can be seen that Jinan luminous words will not cause photobiological damage including blue light damage to human retina.

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