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Nowadays, we can often see the type of advertising around us, that is, the light box advertising. This kind of advertising effect is better, and we want to make it better. In addition to the advertising design, we need to pay more attention to the lighting. So how should Jinan light box advertising match the lighting? Hongchen will give you a specific introduction Hope to help you!
Jinan light box
The purpose of lamp box lighting is to make the goods displayed in the store full of vitality and better show them in front of customers. Therefore, it is necessary to combine lighting with the design of passageway and the placement of shelves to better play its role.
The lighting configuration should make the store appear bright and clean. In the premise of not dazzling, we should make the store as bright as possible. Generally, the lighting power per square meter is 40-60 watts. LED fluorescent lamp, energy-saving fluorescent lamp and other lamps can be selected for store lighting, and LED fluorescent lamp and spotlight can be used for commodity space. Spotlight can be divided into cold light and warm light, thus creating the style and atmosphere of clothing brand. Through lighting, not only can improve the value of goods, but also can play a better role in the main channel of the store, improve the efficiency of the store.
People like bright places and naturally attract them. This phenomenon is called "tropical effect" in psychology. Therefore, if a certain number of spotlights are set in the required places to improve the brightness, the passenger flow line can even be changed.
The reasonable allocation of lighting will bring great impact on the efficiency of the store, which can make a flat object more beautiful and more exciting, and the bright store is often prosperous.
The use of Jinan light box is conducive to the publicity of brand image and produces aesthetic feeling in vision. Light box should be placed in a proper position, try not to occupy the sun, sometimes you can use the space above the goods and shelves, that is, the use of height.
The ingenious collocation of light box and light can make the advertising effect more beautiful, and the advertising effect of poor light box will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the collocation of advertising light box and color is very important.
Through the above introduction, I believe you have a better understanding of Jinan light box advertising and lighting how to match. The advertising light box and its light can be cleverly combined to attract the attention of pedestrians to achieve good results. So if you want to make such advertising light box, welcome to Huijing to make it!

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