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Now there are a lot of advertising signboard fonts made of acrylic materials, not only that, because acrylic is easy to machine processing, high transparency, so that acrylic products are widely used. So how to maintain the acrylic billboard? Please remember the points.
1. Avoid thermal expansion: the coefficient of thermal expansion of acrylic is large, so enough space should be reserved;
2. Waxing: if you want the product to be bright and bright, you can use liquid polishing wax and then scrub it with soft cloth evenly;
3. Environment temperature: when heated to about 70 ℃, it will deform. If it is heated to more than 100 ℃, it will soften. Therefore, it is required to avoid using it at places above 100 ℃;
4. Avoid cracking: the surface hardness of acrylic is equivalent to that of aluminum, and attention should be paid to the protection of the surface in the process of taking and placing;
5. Cleaning problem: if it is daily dust treatment, you can directly use chicken feather duster or water washing, and then use soft cloth to scrub it. If it is greasy dirt, then need to use soft detergent to add water, but also use soft cloth to scrub it;
6. Damage: if the product is damaged accidentally, IPS adhesive / adhesive dichloromethane adhesive or quick drying agent can be used for bonding;
7. Polishing: if the products are not seriously abraded or scratched, use polishing machine (or automobile waxing machine) to install cloth wheel, dip appropriate amount of liquid polishing wax, and then polish evenly to improve.

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