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With the progress of modern technology and technology, advertising light boxes have undergone tremendous changes in form. From the previous rules and regulations to all kinds of special-shaped light boxes, of course, the shape of light boxes has changed, and the light source used in light boxes has also changed. The lamp box light source has developed from the original fluorescent lamp tube to the LED lamp tube and now to the LED lamp bars and beads. Today, the small edition of Jinan lamp box gives you a total of common lamp box lighting choices!
At present, most of the advertising light boxes use LED lamp bars as light source. Old-fashioned light tubes have been gradually eliminated, because the light of old-fashioned light tubes is not uniform, it is easy to appear rib lines, so that the advertising effect of the light boxes is discounted. But now the light source of advertising lamp box mostly uses the LED lamp bar or the LED lamp bead, which not only has high brightness but also saves energy. According to the different light boxes, LED light bars are generally divided into LED backlight and LED side light. The good LED lamp must be inseparable from good chips, heat dissipation substrates and electronic components, because they will affect the light decay and life of the LED lamp.
Single-sided lamp box usually uses backlight, fixing the lamp bar or single lamp bead at a certain distance on the bottom of the lamp box, not affected by the size of the lamp box area, but also considering whether the lamp box is installed indoors or outdoors, to choose the lamp box waterproof or not waterproof.
Double-sided lamp boxes usually use side light sources. It is possible to install lamp bars or beads on the four sides of the aluminium frame of the lamp boxes at a certain distance, which can well distribute the light on both sides of the lamp boxes. However, affected by the area of the light box, the light box with too large area is generally not recommended to use side light source, for fear that the uneven light will affect the publicity effect.
Therefore, if the light box is used for a long time, when choosing the lamp, it is recommended to buy a source with quality assurance, because the light source is also a part of the light box, which can affect the effect of the advertisement of the light box at any time.
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