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Luminous words are now a very common outdoor advertising material! But in the process of the development of luminous words, there are still some problems to be solved! So what are the problems? Jinan Luminous Characters on the small edition to give you a specific analysis of it! 
1. Fast fading of color: The color of the newly installed luminous words is pure and bright, and the color will fade obviously in less than a year. Luminescent font making is the font becomes red not red, green not green ugly.
2. Part of the strokes and the whole of the font suddenly do not shine or when it is bright: after a period of time, the light source of the part or the whole font begins to flicker, when it is bright, until it is completely not bright.
3. The service life of LED is short: the theoretical service life of regular manufacturers in producing luminous words is generally about 80,000 hours. Now many light-emitting words are not enough for a year to start replacing the LED module frequently, which brings a lot of trouble and economic losses to customers and advertisers.
4. The color is uneven and the color difference is obvious. The production of luminous words is mainly reflected in the large volume of luminous words made by pure white LED. When assembled, the performance of a single module is not obvious. When the whole font is assembled completely, the color difference is obvious. The whole literal surface is like a map, white, blue and yellow.
5. The output power of font is large, and the energy saving is not obvious.
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