led广告灯光下有什么特点? - vip贵宾会广告牌厂家


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1. The advertising effect achieved at night is particularly obvious, because the production purpose of this kind of light box is to display at night, plus bright color publicity or logo, eye-catching advertising slogans, can improve the visual impact of night on people. During the day, the effect is good.
2. Because of the significant advertising effect of advertising light box, so the market space is very large, can be generally accepted! General living areas or commercial streets, streets and alleys are basically popular. This kind of advertising equipment is easy to make. Generally, the maintenance personnel engaged in the electronic industry can install and make it, and the cost is not very large. Easy to master! LED light box, LED electronic light box market price is low and great demand, LED electronic light box is the use of ultra bright light emitting tube and controller combination, it can continue to flash, can also be constantly on, improve people's visual impact, it works 24 hours in the day and night, will attract the attention of passers-by, effectively play the role of advertising, so that customers are very welcome.
3. The use of products has a concern for all merchants, that is, the service life. Because the length of service life will involve the payment of their own costs. The longer the service life is, the more reassuring it is for the merchants. The service life of LED is more than 50 thousand yuan, that is, the service life of LED is more than 50 thousand yuan, that is to say, the service life of LED is more than one tenth of an hour in an ordinary light box. So it is the best choice for merchants!

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