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Now people's appreciation level is required to be international, simple, stable and atmospheric, which makes people feel high-end! For example, the front door of sports brands! However, this also depends on their own industry and the specific content of the door to reflect! Background color and content color contrast is better! Also depends on the area of the door! The proportion of the area occupied by the content must be golden section! So for the design of billboards, there are so many points need to pay attention to? Next, Jinan billboard production will explain the seven points of billboard design and production.
1、 The size of the word. Generally speaking, 50 meters away from the text should be 16 cm high, 120 meters away to see clearly, the text should be at least 1.35 meters high. This is the basic requirement of perspective.
2、 Creativity can also be said to be our simple language. The purpose of advertising is to spread. If it is too complicated for people to understand, it will not work.
3、 There are people advertising products. People are always interested in people. If enterprises have money, they can invite stars to speak for them. If they don't have money, they can also find famous beauty advertisements, or people with special or cultural backgrounds.
4、 It should be suggestive. Since the audience is a mobile pedestrian, the location and time of the audience passing through the advertising signs should be considered in the design. The pedestrian is not willing to accept the tedious picture. Only by attracting the pedestrian's attention with simple picture and revealing form can the audience watch the advertisement signboard. Therefore, the design of outdoor advertising signs should pay attention to the suggestiveness, pictures and text, with images as the leading, text as the auxiliary, the use of words to be simple and clear, avoid lengthy.

5、 Single theme, simple picture and text. An advertisement can only have one theme, and can't have more than one theme, which makes people don't know what to say. Try not to column data, if column, also simple. For example, Alibaba wrote on a large billboard on the highway that 7 million businessmen are using Alibaba. People can understand the function and scale of this B2B e-commerce platform.
6、 Lot selection. Some advertisements are set up in very good places. People can see and see all the advertisements, while others are seldom seen.
7、 Try to use standard boldface. Don't play with art words, especially calligraphy and cursive script. Let people know and know in the shortest time.

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