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LED light-emitting words as our common Hotel storefront door, brand clothing store front door, large-scale shopping mall store front door, all kinds of shops, as well as the roof, wall fonts used.
The image of the transmission of information, let us see very clearly, some stores advertising words have a grade, and good workmanship, good quality, good effect, is an important means to improve the level and absorb customers.
It is widely used in many industries, and also has higher requirements for the design and production process of luminous words on the door head. The following luminous character manufacturers will tell you about the requirements for the production and design of luminous words on the door head, mainly including the following points:
Design requirements for the production of luminous words on the door head
1. Color selection
There are white, yellow, red, green, blue, these common forms, according to the need to choose the color of the luminous words on the door head, as well as the color matching, can be a whole color, or a combination of two colors.
2. Material selection
There are stainless steel, metal, galvanized sheet, acrylic, the production process has blister, punching, bending and so on, according to the need to choose different materials of luminous word design.
Production and design of luminous characters in Fuzhou
3. Font selection
To choose the advertising font suitable for your own shop, there are commonly used standard fonts, but also some special fonts. You should choose the font design and production of luminous characters according to the group of your shop.

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